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Pritech Service Terms and Conditions

1. General

These terms and conditions, read in conjunction with the relevant quotation or proposal, govern the engagement of Pritech to provide IT support services, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2. Payment

All payments are to be made in the nominated format as per the agreed timing schedule set out in the proposal. Pritech reserves the right to apply a reasonable surcharge in the event of a late payment, or to withhold, suspend or terminate further and associated services in the event of continued non-payment.

3. Scope & Timing

The scope of each engagement is as per the description in the proposal. If a change in scope is required, this can be negotiated as a variation – see Section 8, below.
Pritech undertakes to respond to all service requests in accordance with the timing as stated in the proposal, or if no timing stated, in a reasonable time considering the scope of the work. All information or other material required to be provided by the client is similarly to be made available in accordance with the terms of the proposal, or in a reasonable time from when the material is requested. Any delay in providing information or other material to Pritech may result in consequential delays with providing the deliverables under the engagement.

4. Privacy and Confidentiality

Pritech undertakes that all client information, whether supplied by the client or discovered by Pritech while providing service to the client, will be treated as private and all reasonable steps will be taken to keep it confidential. Information will be shared under the following circumstances :
A. Any information required to be disclosed by law;
B. Any information we are instructed by the client to release;
C. Any information we need to release to another party in order for that party to perform a part of the service, in which case a similar restriction will be applied.

5. Property Supplied

All hardware and software supplied to the client by Pritech for the purpose of performance monitoring, remote access, or other purposes relating to the provision of the support services shall remain the property of Pritech. At the conclusion of this engagement any such hardware shall be returned to Pritech, while the software will be uninstalled from the client machines.

6. Indemnity

All support services are supplied by Pritech in good faith to be used for lawful purposes only. The client agrees to indemnify Pritech from any claims resulting from unlawful or inappropriate use of the supported hardware and software.

7. Liability

Pritech’s total liability to the client from any claim in contract or tort arising from an engagement shall not exceed the total amount invoiced under that engagement during the preceding 12 months. Pritech is not liable for loss of profit, goodwill, or any other consequential losses which may be incurred.

8. Variation

These terms and conditions may be varied at any time by written agreement between the parties involved. Any such variation shall not affect any rights or obligations which may have already accrued before the date & time of that agreement.

9. Governing Law

This engagement shall be governed by the laws applicable in the State of Tasmania.

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