How to Maximise Cyber Security for Your Business through an ICT Environment

cyber security

In our previous blog, we discussed cyber criminals, different types of cyber attacks, and simple steps to improve Cyber Security for your business. In this blog, we’ll deep dive into what an ICT Environment can do to best protect your business (and data!) from cybercriminals.

  1. Utilising an ICT Environment: A managed ICT Environment allows you to implement robust network security measures such as firewalls (a barrier between internal networks and external networks filtering traffic on predetermined security rules), Vulnerability scanning (a software application that actively monitors your network and identifies any software or hardware vulnerabilities) and Patching (Software patch management that makes sure your software is always up to date and secure).

  2. Access Controls: In a managed ICT environment, your business can utilise access controls – Enforcing strict access controls for all essential, administrative systems, sensitive data and resources. Organising and managing access to sensitive systems may include methods such as biometric authentification, security groups, multi-factor authentication, or role-based access controls – All minimising the risk of unauthorised access.

  3. End-point Security: This focuses on protecting various devices (computers, laptops, mobile devices, iPads) from malware, viruses, and other security threats. In an ICT Environment, robust end-point security measures are able to be deployed which includes antivirus software and host-based intrusion detection systems. AntiVirus Software will actively scan files and programs for known malware signatures, while HIDS (host-based intrusion detection) monitors the activities on a specific device to be able to detect and respond to any suspicious behaviour.

  4. Security Auditing and Monitoring: Consistent security auditing and monitoring processes involve conducting periodic assessments of the current network infrastructure, systems and applications to identify any security gaps in your business. Consistent and continuous monitoring of network traffic, system logs, and user activities will all assist in detecting and proactively resending to potential security incidents.

  5. Security Training: Through an ICT Environment, you can provide your staff with top-quality, accurate and relevant security and awareness training – ensuring you and your organisation are proactively defending your digital data.

The best thing about an ICT Environment? It does most of your security work for you. Forget about consistently updating your computers and software – with an ICT Manager and provider, you can maximise your security without the mental stress and have it monitoring your systems 24/7 for any unusual occurrences At Pritech, we take cyber security seriously. And that’s why we believe in helping businesses protect their sensitive information and data through relevant Cyber Security tips. Have questions? We’re here to help – book a free 30-minute consultation meeting today.

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